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11 Unique Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

One of the problems that stop some ladies from starting a business is the inability to come up with a perfect business idea. We all know that not all businesses are suitable for ladies. So the inability to come up with one sometimes prevents them from starting one.

However, in this post, we are going to give you a list of Unique business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. This will include businesses without capital and the ones with little capital. All you need is to relax and go through each of them so you will be able to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Unique Business Ideas for Ladies

Starting a business has many advantages, especially when you have a perfect business idea. well, if you want to start a business but don’t have any business ideas, the following are lucrative and unique business ideas for ladies in Nigeria;

  1. Design and Making Jewelry

One of the lucrative and unique businesses for ladies is jewelry making and designing. It is one of the businesses that does not require much to start. I know one of the major obstacles that prevent people from starting a business is capital, but here you don’t need much capital to start. 

Also, jewelry is easy to market and sell.

2. Set up Eateries and Restaurants

People can’t do without food. No matter what circumstance, people will keep buying food. If that should be the case, why don’t you use it to your advantage by setting up eateries and restaurants? Starting an eatery and restaurant is a very lucrative business, however, you need to target a perfect location.

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3. POS business

POS business is underrated by many Nigerians, but the business is very lucrative. You may not know how lucrative it is until you are close to those who are into business. If you are a lady willing to start a business, a POS business will be perfect for you. 

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The interesting part about this business is that it does not have many requirements. With a small capital, a POS machine, and a perfect location, you are good to go.

4. Skin Care Business

Skin care business is a perfect business for ladies since the main target customers will be women. It will be very easy to get customers and make sales.  Well, the skin care business here means making skin care products such as bathing soaps, creams, and others. 

There are many natural ingredients that will help you achieve perfect skin care products without much budget.

5. Plantain Chips Production 

If starting a unique business will little capital as little as N5000, plantain chips production is a good idea. This business is not just lucrative, but easy as well. With plantain of N1000, you can make up to N3,000 depending on the cost of plantain in your area. Now imagine how much you can make with a plantain of N5,000. Something huge right? Great. 

6. Catering

Catering is a very good business idea. Although, the population of those who are into catering these days is high, yet you can make cool cash from the business if you can deliver a perfect catering service. 

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There are many places and occasions you can render catering service. The interesting part is that some people who will need your service won’t care about your price, they just need perfect service.

7. Makeup studio

You love make-up, your friend and your friend’s friend do. Now think about how much the three of you have spent on makeup, then imagine all the money coming to you. So why don’t you set up a makeup studio and start making some cash? It is something you can learn in a few weeks from an expert or from youtube.

8. Youtube

You might have heard about youtube monetization, but I guess you have not heard how lucrative it is. Starting a youtube channel is a perfect business idea especially if you are passionate about starting an online business without capital. 

Perhaps, it takes time, hard work, and consistency to start making money from youtube. But it will become very interesting once you started making money from it as your earnings grow even when you sleep.

9. Freelancing

This is applicable to those who have a service to offer as freelancing is offering service and getting paid for the service to render. If you are a lady with one or two digital skills, you can start a freelancing business and cool cash in your comfort zone. 

However, if you want to make millions from freelance business, you will need highly profitable skills like copywriting, programming, graphics design, and many others. 

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10. Social media marketing 

Many ladies waste many hours on social media chatting and watching videos. Most of them are not even aware that they make cool cash from the same platforms. If you are a social media addict looking for a unique business idea, social media marketing may be a perfect choice for you. 

However, you need to take your time and learn about social media marketing to start making money from social media without spending years doing the wrong things.

11. Dropshipping business

If selling some kinds of products without having much capital is your aim, then start a drop shipping business. I have seen ladies making a lot from this business, and I believe you too can do the same. Although to be a successful drop\shipper, you need to commit your time to learn tips and strategies in dropshipping business.

Final thoughts on Unique Business Ideas for Ladies

There are many factors to consider when choosing a business to start with, however, many people focus only on how lucrative how the business is. That is not bad anyway, but it is very recommended to start a business based on what you love the success of every business depends mostly on the owner of the business.

If you are still wondering about what business to start, consider any of the above-listed business ideas. Finally, thanks for reading our article on Unique business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, We hope you find this article helpful.

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