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How to make money on Quora 2024

Quora currently has over 300 million monthly active users. Users have the possibility to make substantial money by answering approximately 5,000 questions every day. This tutorial will teach you how to make money on Quora in five steps.
Let’s get to it. By the way, do you want this money?

How To Make Money On Quora

Follow these steps to earn money on Quora:

Set up your Quora account.

Before you begin planning how to make money on Quora, you should first create an account on the platform and establish yourself.
This isn’t really difficult to complete. You may sign up using your Google or Facebook accounts. You can also set up an account by manually entering your email address.
Create a unique username and password. Once it is done, you should move on to the following step.

Ask questions and connect with other Quora users.

After you’ve created your Quora account, start experimenting with the platform. Ask a few questions to learn more about the platform and its users.
Here’s how you go about it. On the main page of your Quora account, you will see a red button labeled “Ask Question”. You can also find and click on the question box at the top that reads, “What is your question or link.” On the following page, you will be instructed on how to prepare your article. As the creator of a question, you can choose whether it should be classified as Public, Anonymous, or Limited. You can also provide a link to your question.
Once you’ve completed the question, click the blue “Add Question” button toward the bottom of the screen. Congratulations, you have created your first post.

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Respond to questions asked by other Quora users.

Every day, Quora receives approximately 4,000 to 5,000 new questions. Many of these questions will appear in your newsfeed, depending on your interests. You should modify your credentials before answering any questions. This will persuade readers that you are academically or professionally qualified in that specific sector and capable of answering the topic.
The “Add a Credential” field will appear above the “Answer Question” box. You should provide your employment, education, location, topic, and language. Everyone is able to add as many credentials as they wish. Once that is completed, answer the question. Quora experts recommend that replies be between 300 and 1000 words in order to provide the greatest experience.

Make money on Quora using affiliate marketing.

If you are an affiliate marketer, Quora can help you earn money. When answering a question, you may always provide a link. Whether you run a business or are an affiliate marketer, you will undoubtedly include links to a certain product, service, app, website, and so on.
If your accompanying answer is compelling enough, some readers will click on the link and make a purchase. In that situation, you will make money from your affiliates. If you are the business owner, this is a win-win situation for you.

Earn money on Quora as a company.

If you operate a business, you may earn money on Quora by creating a business profile. As you continue to provide significant responses, readers will regard you as an authority in that industry and will want to learn as much as possible about your company.
To begin with your Quora company profile, simply click on your photo in the top right corner of your screen.
Filling out your Quora business profile is the same as building a LinkedIn profile.

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Create and Discover Quora Spaces.

Quora Spaces was introduced in 2018 to make the site more engaging and exciting for users. You can also establish a Quora space to focus on a specific topic. You can also find and join places on Quora. That way, you can network with others in your industry and areas of interest. By participating in Quora Spaces, you can increase the number of followers on your Quora account and discover new questions to answer. From there, you can engage with affiliates and increase traffic to your website.

How to Create a Space on Quora

The “Discover Spaces” button is positioned in the platform’s far left corner. Click on it, then click the “+” sign. The “Create Space” and “Discover Space” buttons will appear side by side.
Click “Create Space”. On the following page, give your Quora space a name and a short description. Once your area is operational, you should generate and distribute exceptional content. You can also host discussions.

Be invited to the Quora Partner Program.

Quora’s Partner Program recognizes people who have made significant contributions to the platform and community.
The Quora Partner program pays you for the questions you ask. You will be prompted to give your payment information, and you will be paid based on the number of views your questions receive. You will earn more money as your perspective broadens. The reason Quora is doing this is to encourage users to post questions. That way, Quora marketers may place more advertisements, get more hits, and, most importantly, make more money. But, here’s the deal. You cannot apply for the Quora Partner Program. You can only be invited by Quora. Mine you, this can only happen if Quora considers your questions valuable enough. The invitation will be delivered to the email address associated with your Quora account.

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Make money on Quora using the Quora Partner Program.

The Quora Partner Program offers only one main opportunity to gain money. That is why it was set up in the first place: to ask questions.

  • But what kinds of questions should you ask on Quora? Here are some tips.
  • Popular themes have a higher probability of driving involvement.
  • Controversial issues have a higher probability of going viral.
  • Life questions that would elicit emotional responses

Keep in mind that you should never ask the same question twice. Aside from producing material that your audience does not require, you will waste your own resources and time. Ask fresh questions to enhance engagement and earn more money.


Quora is one of the places where users may ask questions and earn money online. With Quora, you may expand your knowledge while simultaneously enriching your pocket.
Although Quora is not as popular as other social networking platforms, there is still some rivalry. Remember that other users, like you, want to make money on the platform.
However, if you are persistent in your efforts, you will be admitted to the Quora Partner Program and start earning money quickly. I hope you can earn this money and establish yourself on Quora. See you at the top!

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