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How to Sell to Nigerians and Make Money

If you’ve ever wondered how to tap into one of Africa’s largest consumer markets and emerge victorious, you’re in the right place. Selling to Nigerians isn’t just about moving products – it’s about understanding the unique cultural nuances, consumer behaviors, and market dynamics that shape this vibrant economy. So, grab your notebook and get ready to unlock the secrets to selling success in Nigeria!

How to Sell to Nigerians and Make Money

1) Sell whatever they want.

This is the most significant tip on the list. One of the faults many salespeople make in Nigeria is offering what they believe customers need rather than what they actually want. And if Nigerians do not want something badly, they will not swap money for it, regardless of how amazing the product or service appears to be.
You must sell what customers desire or else you will patronize yourself. And a business that exclusively serves its owner is not a business.

2) Sell the product or service when they need it desperately.

This is another crucial strategy for selling to Nigerians. You must market your goods or service when Nigerians are most eager to buy it.
Nigerians are impatient when they want something. They are willing to go above and beyond to obtain their desired outcome.
When customers want to buy a product or service, they will come knocking on your door, no matter how far you are. This is the ideal time to sell a product or service to Nigerians and make a profit.
Price cannot discourage Nigerians from obtaining what they desire unless they do not have the funds.
Having and offering a product or service that Nigerians desperately want will generate revenue for your business, and you will always smile to the bank.

3) Make it convenient for them to buy from you.

Nigerians encounter issues every day. Every day, people in cities experience traffic congestion on their way to and from work. This makes most city dwellers quickly angered, agitated, and annoyed.

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I recall a customer telling me that one of the reasons he uses my company is that it is simple for him to buy from me, as opposed to other companies. Deep down in my heart, I know he is telling the truth.
There are numerous things you can do to make it easier for customers to buy from you. You can use a handful of them to fit your type of business.

Take, for example: If you have a customer who buys a product on a regular basis on a certain day of the week, jot down his name, what he buys, the day he buys it, the quantity he always orders, and his phone number. When he returns, merely check with him that he requires the same number that he always purchases. He would be pleased to know that you went above and above to learn more about him and his needs.

You can also improve your game a little. There is no need for consumers, particularly those with whom you have records, to physically visit your firm if the circumstances do not warrant it. You can deliver orders to their doorsteps.
If you want to sell to Nigerians and make a profit, make it simple for them to purchase from you.

4) Set a realistic pricing for your product/service.

Price draws the majority of Nigerians to your product/service, but it also drives them away.
Nigerians dislike being cheated, or defrauded, as they commonly refer to it. They exercise caution before investing in your product or service. If consumers believe you overprice your product/service, they will not only disregard your company but also warn others not to buy from you.

Place a reasonable pricing on your goods and keep it affordable, and Nigerians will continue to desire what you have to offer in the marketplace.

5) Have money recovery intelligence.

Selling to Nigerians requires selling on credit. And you can’t do business for long if you don’t know how to get your money back from them. Selling to Nigerians requires money recovery knowledge, and failing to do so may result in you going out of business rapidly, unless you don’t sell on credit, which, in my experience, is nearly impossible in Nigeria.

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6) Do not appear desperate when selling.

Without a doubt, every suggestion on this list is useful, but some are more significant than others, like this: Nigerians are good at detecting desperation from a distance. If you want to offer a product or service to Nigerians, don’t appear desperate. Not that you aren’t eager to make money, but don’t make it obvious, or they will avoid you or misprice your product.
Furthermore, Nigerians dislike being pushed to buy something they do not want. Forcing people to buy makes you appear desperate to them. Do not do it. It’s horrible for selling, which is bad for business because business sells.

7) Be there whenever they need you.

In general, a small business owner should be available to service customers/clients as needed. Customers like to purchase from firms that respect their time and are available to satisfy their demands. As previously stated, Nigerians are impatient when they want something badly and will buy from existing enterprises in the marketplace. When you are unavailable, they immediately find another business to satisfy their demands. Being accessible across several platforms puts you ahead of the competition and generates more sales for you.

8) Reward loyal consumers.

It is difficult to acquire and sustain Nigerian allegiance. If you have been in the business for a while, you will undoubtedly win some hearts.
Your interaction with them will be more personal than professional. Some will even inform you that if you are not available, they will have to wait or postpone their purchase. They will refer friends and relatives to your business.
These kind of consumers should be awarded at least once a year. They can receive gifts at the end of the year. Special discounts on the things they purchase are not terrible. The reward should be something they value.
Rewarding your loyal clients would help you expand your business and sell to more Nigerians.

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9) Sell them something(s) that answers their unpleasant problem(s).

Nigeria’s economic realities are harsh for the bulk of the population. Many Nigerians migrate below the poverty line. They spend at least 70% of their money on daily basics.
Hunger is a painful condition. Sickness is a painful condition. Lack of adequate shelter is a painful issue. And there are so many unpleasant problems that Nigerians can solve while earning money. To sell to the majority of Nigerians, your company/product/service must solve any of their pain points.

A hungry man will prioritize satisfying his stomach above taking a vacation. A man who struggles to get to work will be more concerned with commuting than with seeing the latest movie at the cinema. A sick person will prefer to regain his or her health rather than watching the Premier League. If your firm caters to the majority of Nigerians’ basic needs and necessities, you will make more money than you expect.

10) Possess flexible patience.

Selling is a business activity that takes patience, let alone selling to Nigerians, who are usually impatient when they want to acquire something. You’ll need patience to deal with them, and remember that you’re in business to provide them with what they need.
More importantly, doing business in Nigeria requires patience. You’ll need patience to develop your idea into a viable business. You must be patient in order to get good sales and profits, which may take longer than expected.


By understanding the diverse needs, preferences, and buying habits of Nigerians, you can position your products or services for maximum success. So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned sales pro, remember these principles as you navigate the dynamic landscape of selling in Nigeria. Here’s to your prosperous sales journey in the land of endless possibilities

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