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5 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Playing Games (2024)

In a digital age where entertainment and technology are inextricably linked, the concept of earning a career while engaging in your favorite pastime—gaming—is not only appealing, but also a real possibility. As we approach 2024, the options to monetise your gaming prowess have reached unparalleled heights. The Insider’s Views reveals five surefire ways to not just play games but transform you into a winner in this complete guide.In a digital age where entertainment and technology are inextricably linked, the concept of earning a career while engaging in your favorite pastime—gaming—is not only appealing, but also a real possibility. As we approach 2024, the options to monetise your gaming prowess have reached unparalleled heights. The Insider’s Views reveals five reliable techniques to transform your passion into a successful source of income in this detailed guide.Turn your hobby into a lucrative source of money.

5 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Playing Games (2024)

1. Get paid to play video games in real-time.

Anyone can stream live games to a worldwide audience. Taking this method will allow you to build a large audience to whom you can sell adverts or a committed following to whom you can offer memberships and contributions. Twitch is the most popular streaming website, but YouTube is also an option.

It takes time to build an audience for a live broadcast. It can take months to get 10 concurrent viewers, and years to reach 100 concurrent viewers. In reality, the vast majority of streamers never make it to that point; to make a living from gaming broadcasting, you’ll need thousands of devoted fans.

The streaming content market is oversaturated. Why should someone watch you when there are so many other popular streams available? Be distinctive by playing games that no one else is, becoming a world-class player, or displaying your distinct personality or sense of humour.

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Fortunately, getting started with streaming isn’t difficult. All you need is streaming software, a lovely personality, a good computer, and a few popular games. Check that your PC is capable of handling the games you’re playing and that your internet upload speed is fast enough to support the broadcast.

2. Write about video games.

Most journalism, including games journalism, is competitive. Many people aspire to be professional game writers. If you’re writing for a well-known website, you’ll almost certainly need to put in a lot of extra hours to create your portfolio and demonstrate your expertise. It will take years to build a website audience from which you can make a living.

Journalism is a time-consuming career. To gain scoops before others, you’ll need to employ a range of sources consistently while writing news items. It takes a long time to conduct thorough reviews and interviews. Furthermore, writing every day might be mentally exhausting.

Look for open positions in medium-sized gaming enterprises. For the time being, ignore popular gaming websites and startups with a small audience. Make sure you have some writing samples on hand. Send your application and writing samples to as many locations as possible, and hope for the best. If you have no past experience, consider writing for smaller websites as a volunteer first.

Starting your own games journalism website is not recommended unless you have many years of experience contributing to a well-known newspaper. Consistent writing is difficult enough. A website on top of that? That’s a whole other level of labor that might rapidly lead to burnout.

3. Create video game tutorials and guidelines

Many unskilled players of various games, particularly those that are multiplayer (PvP), like reading rules. As a result, there is a market for making money by providing these people with access to useful information that they wish to learn.

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When it comes to gaming tips, there are several routes you may take: you can write written instructions and distribute them as ebooks, or you can develop a website and broadcast video guides to YouTube. The ebook strategy produces money through sales, although the first two are frequently profitable through contributions and/or adverts.

If you want to make any money, you must write guides for well-known games, but the more well-known the game, the more competition there is. You will need to set your guides apart from the competition by delivering more information than they can, which will necessitate a large time investment and skilled positioning.

Choose a popular game, figure out what problems other players are having, become well-versed in that problem, and then advise others on how to overcome it.

In massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), one should look for gold guides, leveling guides, and raid guides. Look for PvP game build and mechanics guidelines such as Overwatch or Valorant. Furthermore, you’ll probably find success in single-player games with specific directions addressing things like attaining a specific trophy or milestone. While “getting started” instructions are extensively utilized, they face stiff competition.

4. Create a gaming YouTube channel or podcast.

Consider producing a gaming-related program every day, week, or month. It may be a series of interviews with well-known players, a roundtable discussion focused on viewpoints, strategies for winning a specific game, or anything else that piques your interest.

Sponsorships, advertisements, and other money streams for podcasts and videos are among the YouTube monetization choices. Patreon memberships, in particular, may support this format.

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It will take time to build a large following before you can start making money. Your program must be entertaining enough for people to tune in. The program will fail if it is boring, shallow, has poor production values, or is inconsistent.

This is similar to a hybrid of live streaming and rules. You’ll need a streamer’s commitment and charisma, as well as the expertise and understanding of a guide developer.

Positively, you don’t need as much depth in your podcast material as you would in a guide, nor do you need to have the same distinct style as a streamer. For example, you could build a channel dedicated solely to game news of a specific genre. Although you won’t have to entertain people for hours on end, you will still need to create time for frequent innovation and planning.

5. Make Money by Playing Video Games

Games go through numerous stages of development before they are released. When a game is nearly complete, its makers want outsiders to playtest it and provide fresh perspectives. As a playtester, it is your obligation to analyze whatever the developer requests, including discovering and recording bugs and other issues.

Being a video game tester these days isn’t too difficult, yet the work can be boring. Unless you can acquire an inside role at a huge game production firm, the majority of game testing jobs are for mobile games, which aren’t as thrilling as full-fledged console and PC releases.


The good news is that you can make money by playing video games, but it won’t be easy. However, once you start earning a consistent income, all of your efforts to get there may be worthwhile.

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