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How to get a Virtual Debit Card in Nigeria For Your Naira and Dollar Usd Online Payments

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One of the easiest ways to make a payment or purchase something online is using a virtual card. Physical cards are good too, but what if you need to make an urgent payment and you are not with it?

Both types of cards are important. However, if you are an online trader or marketer, it is crucial to have a virtual card. it may either be credit or debit. Although, most Nigerian banks only offer debit cards, and that is not bad anyway.

Now, how do you get a virtual debit card? it is undoubtedly that if you want a virtual debit card, you must know how to get a virtual debit card in Nigeria. Well, we have compiled everything for you in this article.

What is a virtual debit card? How to get a virtual debit card in Nigeria

A virtual debit card is just like a physical ATM card basically for online transactions. These kinds of cards are not touchable and neither can they be used to withdraw from ATMs as we do with physical cards.

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How to get a virtual debit card in Nigeria

A virtual card is easy to get in Nigeria nowadays. The most interesting part is that you don’t need to visit any bank or office to get it. You can get multiple virtual debit cards without leaving your comfort zone, but only if you know how to get a virtual debit card in Nigeria.

Well, don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that. You just have to follow the steps below;

  • Download any app that issues a virtual debit card
  • Register an account
  • Make sure to use the correct details while registering
  • Verify your account (This may require your BVN)
  • Apply for a virtual card.
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Note that you may need to make a deposit of at least N1,000 to get the card from some of those apps. Although most of them don’t charge for virtual cards, they will still require you to make a deposit before you can get the card.

opp! you don’t know any legit app that issues virtual debit cards. Relax and check the next heading.

Top 5 Apps to get free virtual debit Cards

  1. Kuda app
    kuda is one of the best apps that issues both virtual and physical debit cards at zero cost. one thing about kuda is that you can apply for cards at the same time. However, you will need to deposit a minimum amount of N1000 to be able to request the cards.
    Kuda virtual physical cards do take about 1 to 3 months to be delivered, while the virtual card is instant.

    Features of kuda virtual card;

    Card type: visa
    Card limit: N500,000
    Charges: Free
  2. Alat by wema
    Alat is a digital banking app owned by Wema bank. This app also offers both physical and virtual cards but in different forms. Alat physical cards are naira debit cards, while virtual cards are dollar virtual cards. However, their physical card is not free, and will also need to fund the card to use it unlike kuda’s own which is already linked to the main fund in the kuda wallet.
    Features of Alat virtual card:
    Card type: Mastercard
    Card limit: $20,000
    Charges: monthly card maintenance fee of N525
  3. Chipper cash virtual debit card
    One of the best and most popular digital banking in Nigeria and Ghana is chipper cash. It is an African online banking system that allows some African countries to send and receive the money within the countries.
    That is not all, chipper cash also issues virtual dollar cards that allow people to make a payment on foreign websites.
    Features of chipper cash virtual card;
    Card type: Visa
    Card limit: $1000 daily
    Charges: Free
  4. Geegpay virtual debit card
    Geegpay is a popular payment platform that was basically invented to help freelancers and internet marketers to receive and send funds abroad. And to make it easier to pay online, geegpay invented a virtual card that can be used on many platforms.
    geegpay virtual card virtual
    Card type: Visa
    Card limit: Nil
    Charges: Nil
  5. Wallet.Africa
    Wallet.Africa is a fintech platform trusted by thousands of users. This platform makes online payments very easy on both local and foreign platforms. This platform is not just about making online payments, there are other services like sending and receiving, investing, etc you will enjoy on the platform.
    If you are an online marketer looking for a virtual dollar card that can be used to make payments on every platform, then consider checking wallet.africa virtual card.
    Features of wallet.africa virtual card
    Card type: Visa
    Card limit: Nil
    Charges: $1 monthly charges
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How do I withdraw money from my virtual card?

You can’t directly withdraw with a virtual card like a physical card. Most of these virtual cards are only made for online payments, so they don’t come with chips. Even if you manage to print them, you can’t use them to withdraw from any ATM or POS machine.

Can I use virtual card to buy crypto in Nigeria?

YES. You can use virtual cards to buy crypto in Nigeria as long as the platform you are buying from supports card payments. However, you can still buy crypto in Nigeria without a card using Peer to peer method.


virtual cards make online payments seamless and tend to be more secure than physical cards. Let, for instance, you have more than a million in your Alat wallet and you want to make a payment of $100, you will just fund the card with the amount. Instead of the platform having access to your main balance, it will only have access to that of the card.

Lastly, you should note that Naira virtual card can only be used on platforms that accept naira, if you want to make a payment on foreign websites, you should go for a dollar virtual card.

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