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How to make money on impact.com affiliate marketing program

Have you been looking for an easy way to earn money online? or perhaps you are interested in learning how to make money on impact.com affiliate marketing program. If so, you are on the correct page.

Affiliate marketing is undeniably one of the simplest methods to make money online. You don’t have to own a product; instead, you promote other people’s products or services for a commission.

Interestingly, Impact.com is one of the most reliable platforms that offer affiliate programs. So, in this post, we are going to share with you how the platform works, how to make money from the platform, and how to withdraw your earnings straight to your bank account. Without much ado, let’s begin.

What is impact.com affiliate program all about?

Impact.com is a popular marketplace that brings advertisers, brands, and publishers together. This allows the publishers to partner with over 1,200 popular brands like Adidas, Lenovo, and many others.

It is a platform that allows you to select which brands you want to work with and join their partnership or affiliate programs.  When you become an affiliate of those companies, you will be able to communicate directly with them about payment and promotional terms. That is not all; you can even track your performance on your dashboard with partner reports. But how can you make money from the program? Relax and check out the next paragraphs.

How to make money on impact.com affiliate marketing program

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money on Impact, below is step-by-step on how to make money on impact.com affiliate program;

  1. Sign up and complete your profile: the first step to making money on the platform is having an account. As an affiliate, you need to sign up as a creator, influencer, or publisher by clicking on the “sign up as partner button. Then fill in your details and follow the prompt. However, you will need to complete the profile by providing additional information, such as the website, description, method of promotion, etc. You will also have to verify your email address before you can get full access to your dashboard.
  1. Choose a brand to promote: After completing your profile, choose a brand to promote. And as we have said earlier, there are over 1,200 brands on the platform to promote. Many of them will be displayed on your dashboard, or you can search for your preferred program. The most important thing here is to take your time and choose a perfect brand. However, the perfect brand/program here means choosing brands that are related to your niche and your audience.

    When you find the perfect brand, the next step is to click “Apply.” Note that some brands will require you to provide additional details to approve or disapprove your application. Moreover, to work with multiple advertisers, you have to join our Marketplace.
  2. Create a link: As you probably know, affiliate marketing is about earning a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link. So, it has become compulsory to have your own affiliate link.

    To do this, log in to your account. On your dashboard, you will see Create a Link button. Click on the button and select the brand you want to create an affiliate link for. then click on “create” it will automatically create a unique url for that particular brand. This means that if you are promoting multiple brands, you will need to create separate links for each brand.
  1. Promote the brands:  people will only make purchases through your link when you promote. The promotion is what determines how much you are going to make from the platform. It is unarguably true that you will have to promote at least a brand, directly or indirectly, to make money from the platform as an affiliate. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote brands, which include blogs, social media, youtube, and many others. Once you choose the perfect niche, promoting the brands on any of those platforms will be easy. 
  1. Track your performance: tracking your performance is crucial. With it, you will be able to determine your click-through rates, conversion rates, and purchases. Not only that, you will also be able to determine which approaches are successful and which ones are not. In addition, the platforms allow you to access all those metrics right on the dashboard. The total link clicks, conversion rates, total sales, and commissions for each sale will be displayed on the dashboard.

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  2. Get paid: this is the final step. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, your commission will be added to impact earning wallet. However, you can only withdraw the money once you reach the required threshold. You can place a withdrawal once you reach the threshold, either through PayPal or a wire transfer. 
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What is the minimum withdrawal for impact?

The minimum withdrawal on impact radius is $10. This means that you can withdraw your earnings once they reach $10. However, you can also select your preferred minimum withdrawal from the available drop-down menu.

How do I withdraw money from Impact?

Click on your total earnings on your dashboard, and it will display a dropdown menu. Select withdraw from the menu. Select “bank account” from the new menu that will be displayed. Then choose your payment method and fill in the required details. Save the details and place a withdrawal.

What brands does impact work with?

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Impact.com works with over 1,000 brands such as Lenovo, Adidas, Backcountry, canva, HSBC, Felix Gray and many other popular brands.

Final thoughts on how to make money on impact.com affiliate marketing program

In conclusion, the Impact.com affiliate marketing program provides individuals with an excellent opportunity to increase their income.  This becomes possible through the partnerships of thousands of reliable brands. 

However, it is crucial to find the proper niche, advertise great brands, establish an engaged audience, make use of analytics to track progress and stay current with industry changes if you want to maximize your earning potential. You can improve your chances of success in the Impact.com affiliate marketing program by promoting great brands. I hope you find this article helpful.

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