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How to Make Money Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria

Do you know you can make money buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria? I guess your answer is yes. But the problem is you don’t know the steps and strategies to make money from trading gift cards.

well, you don’t need to worry about that. All you need is to read carefully as we put through how to make money trading gift cards in Nigeria. Not just that, we will tell you what gift card is all about, types of gift cards, and the best platforms to trade gift cards in Nigeria.

What are you waiting for? let’s dive in.

What is gift card all about?

Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make purchases of products and services on certain platforms after being filled with a certain amount of money. On the other hand, there are numerous gift cards, and each can only be used on a particular kind of e-commerce site.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with the many types of gift cards, we have already listed and discussed them under the topic that follows.

Different types of gift cards

In general, there are two sorts of gift cards, which can be broken down into the following categories:

Physical Gift cards:

Gift cards used to make purchases in real stores are referred to as “physical gift cards,” which is a self-explanatory term. They always take the shape of a plastic objects.

Electronic gift cards:

E-gift cards, often known as virtual gift cards, are available for purchase on a variety of online platforms. Despite this, there are many different kinds of them.

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The following are examples of some of them:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Gift cards for use on iTunes
  • Gift cards from Walmart
  • Gift cards for use on Google Play
  • Gift certificates from eBay
  • Target gift cards
  • Gift cards issued by American Express
  • Vanilla gift cards
  • Nordstrom gift cards
  • Gift cards from Foot Locker

There are a wide variety of additional gift cards that may be purchased, resold, or utilized, but the ones that have been listed above are some of the most common gift cards that you can begin with.

Gift cards trading Platforms in Nigeria

If you want to trade gift cards in Nigeria, you need to be familiar with the many available gift card trading sites. If you have been searching for those sites, the list that follows contains some of the most well-known and reputable gift card trading platforms in Nigeria;

  1. Cardvest
  2. Cardtonic
  3. LegitCards
  4. Prestmit
  5. SnappyExchange
  6. GiftCard
  7. Bin Gift Card Zen
  8. Reddit 
  9. Card Kangaroo
  10. Raise

How to make money trading gift cards in Nigeria

To earn money from exchanging gift cards in Nigeria, you will need to follow a few different steps. Because of this, it is quite important to be aware of how to make money trading gift cards in Nigeria.

  1. Get capital; 

you will need capital in order to begin trading gift cards in Nigeria before you can do so. It makes no difference whether the amount is tiny or large. You only require a certain number of money that you can put toward the purchase of gift cards from either businesses or individual customers. However, the size of your gift card business will be proportional to your available capital.

  1. Find Vendors
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Now that you have the necessary amount of funds, the following step is to find suppliers and begin purchasing gift cards from them. Utilizing one of the many gift card trading platforms mentioned previously is among the most effective ways to acquire gift card sellers.

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Those individuals who wish to turn their gift cards into cash may be interested in your ability to establish a brand on social media.

  1. Starting reselling

You should always try to do so at the lowest possible price when purchasing gift cards. Because of this, it is essential to locate a large number of legitimate providers. You can make a profit by reselling the cards at greater prices after purchasing them at a reduced cost. Having said that, be careful not to set your pricing too high. If you do not do this, reselling gift cards will always be tough for you to do. If you buy gift cards at a discount and then resell them at full price, you will make a profit on each transaction; this is the easiest way to make money trading gift cards in Nigeria.

How to Make Money Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn Giftcard into money?

YES. You can turn gift cards into money by selling them on gift card trading platforms or to individuals.

Where can I sell gift cards for cash?

there are many websites and apps where you can sell gift cards for cash. We have listed some of those platforms in this article.

Is there an app where you can trade gift cards?

Raise, Cardtonic, and Prestmit are some of the most popular apps for trading gift cards. they are available on both play store and app store.

Conclusions on How to make money trading gift cards in Nigeria

Trading gift cards can be quite lucrative if you are familiar with the necessary steps and strategies for making money through trading gift cards in Nigeria. It is not enough to just trade gift cards; you also need to be aware of how to make cool cash from it.

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On the other hand, the success of your gift card trading business will largely depend on the locations from which you source your products and the extent of your market knowledge.

Finally, always make sure you check the gift card details and balance using legit gift card checkers before buying. It will save you from buying fake gift cards from scammers.

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