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How to start a POS Business with Access bank

The POS business is a very profitable business in Nigeria. And there is no doubt that if you want to start a POS business, you will need to know how to start a successful POS business.

However there are many banks and brands that let people run a successful POS business, but in we are only going to discuss how to start a POS business with Access bank.

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If you have been enjoying access bank Banking services for some months or years and want to enjoy their POS service as well, consider reading this post. We are going to show you everything you need to start Access bank POS business and step-by-step on how to start a POS business with Access bank in Nigeria.

What Is POS Business With Access Bank?

POS business with access bank simply means using

Requirements and how to Start A POS Business With Access Bank

To start a POS business with Access bank, you will need to meet the requirements below;

  • Location: You must have a good location, either close to any access bank or anywhere.
  • Access Bank account: You must have access bank account that is at least 12 months old.
  • Capital: You must have a capital of at least N50,000.
  • ID card: You must provide a valid government-issued ID card. Either a national ID card, a driver’s licence, a voters card, or international passport. Any of those IDs will be accepted.
  • Utility bill: You need to provide a utility bill, such as NEPA bill.
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How to get access bank POS machine

Before thinking about how to get a POS access bank POS machine, you should make sure that you have all the requirements above. After that, you can follow the steps below to get access bank POS machine.

  • Visit any access bank in your area.
  • Meet their customer care service.
  • Tender POS request
  • You will be directed to where you will get the POS.
  • Then, you will need to fill out a form and present the requirements.
  • After that, you will be given access bank POS machine.

How to start a pos business with access bank

There are simple steps you need to take to start a pos business with access bank after getting the POS machine. And those steps are;

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First step; Find a best location

Once you get a POS machine from access bank, the next thing to do is to find a perfect location if you don’t have one yet. Location is very important in POS business. In fact, it is one of the major aspects that determines the success of the POS business.

Second step: Make Your POS business banner

A banner is a very important aspect of POS business, especially if your POS shop is not very close to the main road or where people can see it easily. With the help of a banner, strangers and people who have no idea about your business will be aware and patronize you.

FAQs – frequently asked questions

Does Access Bank give POS?

Yes. in fact, access bank POS is one of the best POS machines in Nigeria. It doesn’t reject ATM cards anyhow, unlike some other POS machine that doesn’t accept ATM cards like kuda and Opay ATM card.

How much can I use to start Access bank POS business?

Although you need N50,000 in your account to be given a POS by Access bank, but if you want to take POS business as your major or one of your major sources of income, you need at least N80,000 to N100,000 to start.

Conclusion (How to start a pos business with access bank)

There are many people doing POS business with access bank POS machines. Not only that, Access Bank offers merchant services, which allow businesses to accept credit and debit cards as payment.

Furthermore, Access Bank offers a variety of other banking services that can be beneficial for POS businesses, such as checking and savings accounts, online banking, and more.

If you have been looking for the best bank to start POS business with, consider checking access bank. Thanks for reading our article on how to start a POS business with access bank.

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