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Kuda Bank Customer Care: Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email Address, And Kuda Bank Contact Address

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Are you a customer of Kuda Bank and looking for information on how to contact their customer service team? This blog post will provide you with Kuda Bank‘s contact information, including their phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and contact address. 

Keep reading to find out more about the different ways you can reach out to Kuda Bank’s customer care team for assistance with your banking needs..

Kuda Bank Customer Care Phone Number

 To contact Kuda Bank Customer Care via phone, simply dial +234 (0) 700 5832 5433. This phone number is available to customers 24/7, so you can reach out at any time, day or night. 

When you call, you will be connected to a knowledgeable customer service representative who can assist you with any problems you’re experiencing. 

The Kuda Bank Customer Care team is trained to provide top-notch customer service and will work to ensure that your issues are resolved as quickly as possible. So don’t hesitate to reach out via phone if you need help with your Kuda Bank account.

Kuda Bank Customer Care WhatsApp Number

To reach Kuda Bank on WhatsApp, simply add the bank’s number (+234 903 000 2455) to your contacts list and send a message to start chatting with their customer care team. 

It’s important to note that this service is only available to Kuda Bank customers who have linked their phone numbers to their accounts. 

With the Kuda Bank WhatsApp number, customers can carry out a variety of transactions including account opening, balance inquiry, fund transfers, bill payments, and much more. 

The customer care team is always available to provide swift assistance and ensure that customers have a seamless banking experience.

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Kuda Bank Customer Care Email Address

 To contact Kuda Bank Customer Care via email, you can send your messages to [email protected] Remember to provide detailed information about your concern to help them better understand and address your query. 

It is recommended to include relevant details such as your account information, transaction details, or any supporting documents to facilitate a faster response from their team.

Email communication allows you to express your concerns in a more detailed manner, making it an effective way to address complex issues or provide specific instructions. 

Kuda Bank’s customer support team strives to provide timely and efficient assistance, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them via email if you require their support.

Kuda Bank Contact Address

If you prefer to reach out to Kuda Bank through traditional mail or visit their office in person, you can do so using their contact address. The contact address for Kuda Bank is

151 Herbert Macaulay Way,

Yaba 101245,

Lagos, Nigeria.

This physical location is where you can find Kuda Bank’s main office, and it can be useful if you have any specific inquiries or if you prefer face-to-face interactions. 

However, keep in mind that due to the digital nature of Kuda Bank’s services, it may be more convenient to use their customer care phone number, WhatsApp number, or email address for faster assistance.

Regardless, having access to their contact address provides an additional option for customers who feel more comfortable communicating through traditional means. 

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Why Do You Need Kuda Bank Customer Care?

There may be various reasons why you might need to reach out to Kuda Bank Customer Care. Firstly, if you are a customer of Kuda Bank, you may encounter issues or have queries regarding your account, transactions, or any other banking-related matters. 

In such cases, contacting the customer care team can provide you with the necessary assistance and support.

Furthermore, if you are considering becoming a customer of Kuda Bank, you might have questions about their services, products, or account opening process. 

The customer care team can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Additionally, Kuda Bank Customer Care can be useful in situations such as reporting fraudulent activities, requesting assistance with lost or stolen cards, or seeking clarification on any discrepancies in your account statements.

Overall, Kuda Bank Customer Care is an essential resource that can address your concerns, provide solutions to issues, and offer guidance throughout your banking journey with Kuda Bank. Their dedicated team is committed to delivering excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction


Does Kuda have a WhatsApp number?

Yes, Kuda bank has a whatsapp number, which they make use of to send overdraft reminders to their customers.  

What is Kuda’s email address?

Kuda Bank’s official email address is [email protected]. You can use this email address to reach out to their customer support team for inquiries, feedback, or assistance with any issues you may have.

How do I report a problem on Kuda?

To report a problem on Kuda, you can contact their customer service team. You can reach out to them through various channels, such as phone, email, or social media. Explain the problem you are experiencing in detail, providing any relevant information and screenshots if necessary. Kuda’s customer service team will assist you in resolving the issue.

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What is Kuda’s account number?

Your Kuda account number can be found within the Kuda mobile app. Open the app and navigate to the account details section to view your unique account number. You can use this account number for transactions, fund transfers, and other banking operations related to your Kuda account.

How do I contact Kuda customer service?

You can contact Kuda customer service through multiple channels. The most common ways to reach them include phone, email, and social media. You can call their customer support line, send an email to [email protected], or engage with them on their official social media handles. Visit Kuda Bank’s official website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for their customer service team.


In conclusion, Kuda Bank provides multiple avenues for customers to reach their customer care team. You can contact Kuda Bank through their phone number, email address, and social media platforms. While Kuda Bank does not currently have an officially listed WhatsApp number for customer support, their responsive customer care team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

For direct communication, you can reach out to Kuda Bank’s customer care team via phone for immediate assistance. Additionally, their email address serves as a reliable channel to contact them for inquiries, feedback, or problem reporting.

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