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UBA transfer code: USSD Code to Send Money to UBA and other banks

United Bank for Africa (UBA) offers a convenient way to transfer money to other UBA accounts and other banks in Nigeria using the UBA transfer code. The UBA transfer code is a USSD code that you can dial on your mobile phone to initiate a money transfer.

To use the UBA transfer code, you will need to have a UBA account and a registered mobile phone number. You will also need to know the recipient’s bank account number and the amount of money you want to transfer.

The UBA transfer code is a quick and easy way to send money to your loved ones or to pay for goods and services. It is also a secure way to transfer money, as your transaction details are protected by encryption.

In this article, we will show you the UBA code to send money to other UBA banks, and to as well other banks that are not UBA banks. 

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UBA Transfer Code to Send Money to UBA

The UBA transfer code to UBA banks, is  *919#. 

  • Dial *919# on your mobile phone.
  • A menu will appear on your screen with various options.
  • Select the option for “Transfer.”
  • Choose “UBA” as the destination bank.
  • Enter the recipient’s UBA account number.
  • Confirm the account name associated with the provided account number.
  • Input the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Verify the transaction details and ensure they are accurate.
  • Enter your unique transfer PIN or create one if prompted.
  • Complete the transaction, and you will receive a confirmation message.

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly send money to UBA accounts using the UBA Transfer Code, saving time and streamlining your banking experience.

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UBA Transfer Code to Other Banks

The UBA transfer code to send money to other banks is *919#. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  1. Dial *919# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select option 4 to transfer money to another bank.
  3. Enter your UBA mobile banking PIN.
  4. Enter the recipient’s bank name.
  5. Enter the recipient’s bank account number.
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.
  7. Confirm the transaction details.
  8. Enter your UBA mobile banking PIN again to confirm the transaction.

The money will be transferred to the recipient’s account within a few minutes.

Other Features Of UBA Transfer Code 

The UBA Transfer Code offers a range of convenient features beyond its primary function of sending money. Here are some of the additional features you can explore using the UBA Transfer Code:

  • Airtime Purchase: With the UBA Transfer Code, you can easily buy airtime for your mobile phone or for others. Simply select the “Airtime Purchase” option from the menu and follow the prompts to recharge your phone or send airtime to someone else.
  • Balance Inquiry: Check your account balance on the go by selecting the “Balance Inquiry” option. The UBA Transfer Code provides you with quick access to your account’s current balance without the need to visit a physical branch or ATM.
  • Bill Payments: Settle your bills conveniently using the UBA Transfer Code. You can pay utility bills, DSTV subscriptions, and other services directly from your mobile phone, saving you time and effort.
  • Mini Statement: Obtain a mini statement of your recent transactions by selecting the “Mini Statement” option. This feature allows you to review your account’s recent activities without the need for a printed statement.
  • UBA Account Opening: The UBA Transfer Code also provides a platform for opening a new UBA account. This feature is especially beneficial for those looking to join the UBA banking community.
  • PIN Change: Update your UBA Transfer Code PIN for enhanced security. Change your PIN regularly to safeguard your transactions and account details.
  • ATM/Branch Locator: Need to find the nearest UBA ATM or branch? The UBA Transfer Code can help you locate the nearest UBA service point based on your current location.
  • Mobile Banking Registration: New to mobile banking? The UBA Transfer Code offers a registration option to help you get started with mobile banking services.
  • Interbank Transfers: In addition to transferring funds within UBA, you can also send money to accounts held in other banks using the UBA Transfer Code.
  • Cardless Withdrawal: Generate a code for cardless withdrawals at UBA ATMs using the UBA Transfer Code. This feature allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs without using a physical debit card.
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These features demonstrate the versatility and convenience of the UBA Transfer Code, providing you with a comprehensive suite of banking services accessible right from your mobile phone.


How can I transfer money from UBA to another UBA bank? 

To transfer money from UBA to another UBA bank, follow these steps: a. Dial *919# on your mobile phone. b. Select “Transfer.” c. Choose “UBA Account.” d. Enter the recipient’s UBA account number. e. Confirm the recipient’s account name. f. Input the transfer amount. g. Confirm the transaction details. h. Enter your UBA Transfer Code PIN to authorize the transfer.

 What is the magic code for UBA?

 The magic code for UBA is *919#. Dialing this code on your mobile phone allows you to access a range of banking services through USSD technology.

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What is the short code for UBA bank? 

The short code for UBA bank is *919#. This code serves as a convenient way to access UBA’s USSD banking services, including fund transfers, airtime purchase, and more.

How do I activate my UBA transfer code? 

To activate your UBA transfer code, follow these steps: a. Dial *919# on your registered mobile phone. b. Select “Registration.” c. Follow the prompts to create a unique PIN for your UBA Transfer Code. d. Confirm your PIN and complete the registration process.

 How do I activate my USSD transfer?

 To activate USSD transfer (including UBA Transfer Code), follow these general steps: a. Dial the USSD code provided by your bank (e.g., *919# for UBA). b. Select the “Registration” or “Activate” option. c. Set up a secure PIN for your USSD transactions. d. Confirm your PIN to complete the activation process.


As we draw the curtain on this exploration, it’s evident that the UBA transfer code isn’t just a series of digits on a screen; it represents a gateway to a world where banking transcends physical boundaries. Through the simple act of dialing a code, we gain access to a multitude of services – from fund transfers and airtime purchases to balance inquiries and bill payments – all at our fingertips.

This digital transformation not only streamlines our daily banking activities but also empowers us to take control of our financial well-being in ways previously unimaginable. Whether you’re sending money to a friend’s UBA account or settling bills with other banks, the UBA transfer code exemplifies the fusion of technology and finance, ultimately enriching our lives.

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