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Best Online Banking Apps in Nigeria

USSD codes are one of the easiest ways to make bank transactions, but network issues do make it stressful sometimes. It is very annoying when you are trying to make an urgent transaction and it keeps failing.

This is where the best online banking apps come in. However, there are many online banking apps in Nigeria, but not all of them are worth using. It is very important to look out for the best ones.

You might not know any of the best online banking apps. well, you don’t need to worry about that. In this post, we are going to give you a list of the 10 best online banking apps in Nigeria.

Best online banking apps in Nigeria

If you are been looking for the best online banking apps for effective transactions, below is the list of the best online banking apps in Nigeria.

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1. kuda

Kuda is one best banking apps in Nigeria with millions of users. It is popularly known as the bank of free. meaning that every transaction on the app is free. You will not be charged for sending money and neither will you be charged for receiving money except the N50 stamp mandated by CBN for receiving N10,000 or above.

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Kuda Bank comes with various features which include web payment, bill payments, cable subscriptions, buying airtime, free virtual and physical airtime card, etc.

2. Opay

Opay is another good and popular online banking app owned by Opera. This is very similar to Kda, but with few differences. One thing I love about Opay is that you don’t need BVN to register an account on the app. However, the accounts registered without BVN will be limited to certain features like higher transactions, Requesting ATM cards, and some other features.

3. Alat by Wema

One of the best and most popular online banking apps in Nigeria is Alat by Wema. As the name suggests, Alat is owned by Wema bank. However, many people think only people with Wema bank accounts can use Alat, but that is not.

Alat is for everybody. In fact, you don’t need any bank account to have n account on Alat so far you have a valid BVN. This online banking app is just like Kuda and Opay. It also offers both physical and virtual cards just like above mentioned online banks.

One of the things that make Alat different and loved by millions of Nigerians is the availability of dollar virtual cards offered by the app. It is one of the reasons why some online marketers prefer Alat to many other online banking apps in Nigeria.

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Free Online Banking Apps in Nigeria

4. V by VFD

V by VFD is one of the most popular online banking apps in Nigeria, with many features. V by VFD has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use on iOS and Android platforms. It enables users to manage their finances, keep track of their expenditures, and monitor their bank accounts.

Not just that, users can also manage their funds, bill payments, online payments, airtime, and many others. v by VFD also issues ATM cards to verified users. It is without a doubt one of the top possibilities available in Nigeria!

5. Providus Bank App

When talking about mobile banking apps with almost everything you need physically banks, provides bank is of no doubt one of the best among them. Another interesting part about Providus bank is the free debit card and chargeless bank transactions. Moreover, Providus is one of the best banks that offer brand partnerships and payment gateway.

6. Sparkle app

With the sparkle app, you can have a verified bank account without many documents. Just BVN and you are good to go. Sparkle is not just an online banking app, it is also an investment platform. You can bank with sparkle and invest at the same time. Although their investment profit is not that much, it is still okay.

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7. Rubies bank App

Have you thought of creating a unique bank account number for yourself? Rubies bank is one of the best online banking apps that will help you achieve that.

Apart from owning a personal unique account number, you will also be given A free Debit card and endless transactions at zero cost.

8. Eyowo

Eyowo is an online banking app owned by Softcom Ltd. It is a fintech app that has many great features which include account funding, fund transfer and receipt, airtime/data purchase, money saving, and the option to borrow money. With just A mobile phone and the Eyowo app installed, you can enjoy almost banking services with the platform.

Conclusion ( Best online banking apps in Nigeria)

Online banks are the best way to make bank transactions. However, the advantage is that you will need data to access most online banking apps. Unlike USSD which does not require data or Airtime.

Thanks for reading our article on the best online banking apps in Nigeria. We hope you find this article helpful.

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