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Cheapest MTN data plan and code in 2023

Everyone likes a good bargain, even those who can afford to pay full price ten times over! We’ve done our research to assist you and your company and are now presenting the greatest deals on the MTN network. See which of the top 5 cheapest MTN data tariff plans best meets your data requirements.

cheapest MTN data plan and code in 2023

1. Daily pan

The MTN Daily data plan is one of the most affordable data bundles, allowing you to use your data all day for 24 hours. It includes four data bundles from which to choose depending on how rapidly and briefly you wish to access the internet.

N60 with always-on 200MB. (50MB during the day, 150MB at night).

To get started, text 160 to 312. Dial *312# and follow the prompts until you discover this bundle.

1GB for the N300

Send 155 to 312 or dial *312# to activate the daily plan and follow the steps.

The Advantages of the MTN Daily Data Tariff Plan

Access to the internet is quick and inexpensive.

Reduces the temptation of internet-related distractions for anyone trying to reduce their online time.

2. 2-Day plan

If you thought the daily tariff was low, wait until you look into the 2-Day plan. This package provides you with unlimited data access to the internet for 48 hours. It just contains one bundle.

2.5GB for the N500.

Dial *312# and pick Daily plan to activate. Then, simply follow the directions until you reach the 2.5GB for 2 days bundle.

The Advantages of the 2-Day Data Plan

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It is suitable for individuals who require a large amount of data for browsing the internet or downloading for a short period of time.

It is a viable alternative for everyone who requires temporary data access.

It is reasonably priced.

3. Weekly plan

For 7 days, the weekly plan provides a fair quantity of data for browsing and medium downloads. There’s a bundle for you if all you need is a little data for late-night internet calls or YouTube data access. This package includes an incredible 8 bundles! Everyone will find something they enjoy. Let’s have a look at what it comprises.

Always-On 450MB for N120 (120MB during the day + 330MB at night)

To activate, text 161 to 312.

350MB + 350MB from YouTube for N300

To activate, text 102 to 312.

750MB for the N500

To activate, text 142 to 312. To swipe this package, dial *312#, select the weekly plan, and follow the directions.

750MB plus 1 hour of YouTube per day for N500

To activate, text 750 to 312. You can also dial *312# and follow the weekly plan prompts.

For N500, you get 750MB plus 1GB for YouTube. (Valid for 14 days only)

To receive this bundle, text 103 to 312 or ring *312# and pick weekly plans.

1GB + 1GB YouTube for N500.

To activate, text 142 to 312.

2GB + 200MB for Youtube every day for N1000.

*312*105# is the activation code.

N1500 gets you 6GB.

To activate, text 143 to 312 or ring *312# and select the weekly plan. To obtain this bundle, simply follow the prompt.

The Weekly Plan Has Many Advantages

A broader range of data for small to medium use cases is now available for 7 days.

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Very reasonable.

A cost-effective solution to manage data usage on a weekly basis.

4. Monthly plan

Many people who utilize data for personal, corporate, or business purposes prefer a monthly plan since it allows them flexibility and independence for 30 days. Depending on the package you select, you may have little to no use on certain days and heavy use on others. However, you have control over when and how you use your data for a month. Check out the available bundles.

At N1000, you get 5GB + 2GB for YouTube.

To activate, text 106 to 312.

Weekly 2GB + 6-HOUR (600MB) for Youtube at N1200

To activate, text 130 to 312.

At N1500, you get 3GB + 4GB of YouTube storage.

Text 131–312.

At NN2000, you get 5GB + 4GB for YouTube.

Send a text message to 312.

At N2500, you get 6GB + 4GB for YouTube.

Text from 147 to 312.

At N3000, you get 10GB plus 4GB for YouTube.

To activate, text 148 to 312.

At N3000, you get 15GB of data every day (500MB per day).

To get this package, text 162 to 312.

At N3500, you get 12GB plus 4GB for YouTube.

Text 107-312.

At N5000, you get 20GB plus 4GB for YouTube.

To get this package, text 116 to 312.

25GB for the N6000.

To activate this package, text 153 to 312.

Always-on 45GB for N6000 (daily allocation of 1.5GB).

To activate, text 163 to 312.

N10,000 gets you 40GB.

To activate, text 117 to 312.

N15000 gets you 75GB.

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To activate, text 150 to 312.

N20,000 for 120GB.

To get this package, text 149 to 312.

N30,000 for 200GB.

To activate, text 111 to 312.

MTN Monthly Data Tariff Plan Advantages

There are numerous options for any use scenario.

Reasonably priced.

A 30-day validity period is provided.

By activating another monthly plan, you can carry over your leftover data to the following month.

A fantastic plan for both personal and/or commercial use.

Please keep in mind that you can only rollover unfinished data for Always-On bundles when you repurchase the same package the following month.

5. Two-Month Plan

Having a plan that relieves you of the burden of renewing your subscriptions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is a significant benefit. This plan is designed for people who use a moderate amount of data. One could argue that its pricing is relative, but the attraction includes a two-month data bundle! 60 days devoted to other bills and business.

30GB for the N8000.

To use it, text 119 to 312.

N20,000 for 100GB

To use it, text 118 to 312.

N30,000 for 160GB

To activate, text 138 to 312.


Data tariff plans are data packages for which you pay a preset fee ahead for a specified length of time. Data access is typically charged by mobile providers using a process known as packet charging.

MTN awarded numerous data bonuses in 2022, including popular deals such as 24GB for N3500. However, in 2023, the mobile network operator chose to go big by discontinuing the existing incentive plans and offering a wider range of data tariff plans to its customers.

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