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How to sell on Jiji in Nigeria and make Money

Selling products online has never been easy for individuals. Apart from struggling to get a buyer, some people will still end up being scammed. With platforms like Jiji, you can buy and sell with ease and peace. 

However, not everybody knows how to sell in Jiji. And that’s the major problem people face in Jiji. Well, if you don’t know how to sell on Jiji in Nigeria, don’t worry. 

We are going to show what Jiji is all about, how Jiji works, and step-by-step on how to sell on Jiji in Nigeria. 

What is Jiji all about and how does it work?

Jiji is an African marketplace platform that brings buyers and sellers together. The platform was founded by Anton Wolyansky in 2014. 

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Jiji allows sellers to post their products for sale on the platform for free and make them available for buyers. However, before you can advise your product on Jiji, you need to have an account. 

While registering an account on Jiji, you will be asked to input your contact details. So whenever you upload your product on Jiji, your contact details will be available for buyers to reach you. 

One of the exciting parts about Jiji is that it allows buyers to locate buyers in their town or state. With that, people who want to buy physical products will be able to minimize the cost of transportation and scamming.

How to register an account on Jiji

To register on Jiji, you need to follow the simple steps below;

  • Visit 
  • You sign up directly on the Jiji sign-up page using your email or Facebook. Those two methods don’t require a long process, but if you want to sign up with your details, follow the steps below.
  • Input your username and email
  • Create a password
  • Then click the sign up button.
  • A verification email will be sent to your email inbox.
  • Login to your email and verify it.
  • Boom! You have created a Jiji account.
  • Login to your account and customize your profile.
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How to sell on Jiji in Nigeria

There are two major ways to sell on Jiji. The first is a free method, and the second is paid. Well, were are going to explain each of them in this article. 

So let’s begin with the free method.

How to sell on Jiji  in Nigeria for free

1. Login to your Jiji account

You should note that you can’t sell on Jiji without login into your account. It is the first step you need to sell on Jiji. And if you don’t have an account on Jiji, you need to create one. 

2.  Click on the plus icon. 

When you log in to your Jiji account, you will see a plus icon on the button of the platform. Click on it too, and Post free ad page will display.

3. Product details

On the post-free ad page, you will be asked to provide details of your products. Fill the available boxes with accurate information about the product.

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4. Category

Here you need to choose a category where your products belong. Then the sub-category of the product. Let, for instance; you are selling mobile phones. Your general category may be electronic, while the sub-category will be phones.

5. Description

Your product description is very important, and that’s why Jiji makes it mandatory for every product. You need to write at least 10 to 70 words description of the product you want to sell

6. Extra description

If the product you’re selling needs more description, jiji will automatically provide fields for it. For instance, if you are selling a car, you will need extra fields like the year of manufacturing, the condition of the vehicle, and others. Those descriptions are not available for every product.

7. Price of the product

Jiji allows you to set a preferred price for products. So in this step, you need to input the price of the product. If it’s negotiable, you can check the negotiable box

8. Add images 

Images help you get the attention of the buyers. It is essential to add pictures of the item you want to sell and make sure no one has used the image on the platform; otherwise, it will be rejected

9. Add your location

Adding your location will help Jiji to suggest your product to nearby buyers. It will also help you complete transactions with the buyer since they are not far from you. 

10. Finally, hit the post button.

Before you hit the post button, make sure you cross your product and contact details. If they are okay, you can post your product on Jiji. 

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How to sell on Jiji in Nigeria with Jiji packages (Paid methods)

Jiji has two main packages for those who want to run ads with Jiji. The first package is the top package, while the second package is the boost package.

 If you purchase the Jiji top package, your ad will appear at the top of the search results page. This means that it would be easier for potential customers to find your advertisement, which could lead to up to 15 times more sales. And this package’s duration ranges from 7 to 30 days.

With Boost Packages, all of your ads will show up in search results more frequently during the period of 1, 3, or 12 months. In addition, your products will constantly be displayed in the Similar Ads section. You may attract up to 500 times more customers this way. This package will be best if you have more than 5 ads on the platform.

Bottom line (How to sell on jiji)

Jiji is a very good Market place that will help you reach your product buyers easily. However, to get sales on Jiji sometimes takes time.

You should use their premium, top, and boost packages if you need a faster result. You can read our explanation of both packages above.

Finally, thanks for reaching our article on how to sell on Jiji in Nigeria. We hope you read more of our articles.

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